Stephen Millard


Hi there. and welcome to the website for my tech tutorials YouTube channel. This site is an index of the tutorials I am slowly building, compiling and putting up on YouTube. My hope is that in doing so I’ll be providing a useful resource that helps people to get more from their technology.

For decades I’ve been helping people to do just this from my work in the technology-space and also through supporting people via various online social platforms and forums. I continue to do this, but I also wanted to see if I could produce content in another format for those who favour and a re more used to working with videos.

I have worked for several years with Learning Management Solutions through my professional work, and have gained a certain familiarity with the trends in learning and development. One of the most pervasive and interesting has been the transition to micro-learning. This is an approach where learning is broken down into atomic parts with a view to allowing learners to not only focus on smaller elements whenever they can fit it into their busy schedules, but to also enable them to receive just-in-time learning.

While I do reserve the possibility to create longer-form content where it may be benecficial, my guiding principle is to try and break things down as much as possible and produce short-form, micro-learning tutorials on technology topics. To begin with I will be focusing on how to do things with and get more from specific applications, but I epxect this will extend to services and other topics in the future.

I hope that you will subscribe to my YouTube channel, and come with me on this journey.

- Stephen Millard (Sylumer)

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